• Single provider for all business communication services: integrated phone, fax, email, conferencing and files sharing

    • Stay productive wherever you are – all services secured and mobile ready

    • Hosted or premise based – phone system that is right for your busines

    • Predictable IT budget with no capital spent – fixed per employee cost and hardware as a service

    • Integrated, secure, redundant services for seamless business continuity for all locations.

    • Nationwide coverage with diverse and redundant networks for all your locations.

    • Cost effective enterprise grade router with integrated battery and optional failover to wireless LTE.

    • WiFi access points to securre internal network and independent hotspots for visitors

    • Cutting edge storage service is utilized to manage servers.

    • A worry-free solution that combines hardware, software and PC.

    • Turn-key, fully redundant virtualization cluster for all business applications.

    • A secure home for your web site – plus site creation, search engine optimization and social networking.

ElastaLink is your single provider of integrated technologies to optimize your phone, Internet, network communications and IT infrastructure

In the modern business world, communication and network solutions, customized to fit your needs, are a cornerstone of success. More than 20 years of experience coupled with an extensive network of strong partnerships, our team will design a unique solution that makes sense for you now and enables future growth. The majority of our customers report a 50% savings in communications costs. Our solid design of servers and storage ensures you can scale to handle the most complex business applications including voice and video. Use all of these features and more through PC as a Service (PaaS) and you can eliminate high up-front capital costs and operate with a fixed monthly charge making your firm more productive and profitable. Studies estimate monthly per employee costs can range from $700 to $1,000 for full IT services and equipment. With ElastaLink your pay about 40 per cent of that monthly cost.

ElastaLink video

ElastaLink solutions are built on five core principles


An in-house Research and Development team allows us to develop unique solutions that enable ElastaLink’s customers to stay ahead of competitors


Increasing customers productivity and simplified management by acquiring all business communications systems and IT services from a single trusted provider


Delivering business continuity by securing every aspect of your data, keeping software and hardware always maintained and up-to-date and managing all your backup needs


Bringing enterprise-grade failover systems and disaster recovery solutions so you gain business communications, uninterrupted, at an affordable cost

Customer service

An easy to reach, one phone call, help desk to address all your IT problems, without long delays and no complex support escalation process