ElastaLink Data Centres

We operate in two Tier 3 data centres, geographically separated, on completely independent power grids, to ensure utmost security and full redundancy for all of our services. We partner with leading Canadian and international carriers to deliver optimized solutions with neutral connectivity. Our state-of-the-art virtualized infrastructure is flexible to support seasonal demands and scales up to your most demanding applications. Your data will remain stored in Canada for simplified regulatory compliance.

  • Power infrastructure


    • 3-phase power delivered via highest priority grid.
    • Automated transfer switch with bypass.
    • 5.5MW of total electrical capacity available.


    • 2MW dedicated generator.
    • On-site diesel storage.
    • Weekly functional testing.


    • Brand new digital battery system.
    • Standard N+1 UPS solutions.
    • 2N solutions by special requests.

    In-suite distribution

    • Overhead busways.
    • Add and upgrade circuits in minutes.
    • 110V and 220V power feeds available.
    • Advanced surge protection devices (TSS).
  • Cooling Modules


    • Supplied by N+1 Redundant Chillers.
    • Over 300gpm feeding XDP units.
    • 300 tons of cooling capacity.

    In-suite Distribution

    • Overhead XDV units.
    • Zoned climate control.
    • Hot aisle/cold aisle configuration.
  • Fire Protection

    Fire suppression system detects a fire as early as possible, and extinguishes it with minimal impact to health and property.

    • Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus with continuous air sampling.
    • Nitrogen-myst fire suppression system stops combustion, while allowing workers to breathe.
    • Near-zero wetting with no need for costly cleanup or equipment replacement.
  • Security system

    Physical security in our data centers is of utmost importance. We use extensive security equipment, techniques, and procedures to control, monitor and record access to all areas.

    • HD camereas and monitoring
    • Activity stored for 30 days and audited for SOC2 Type2 compliance.
    • Security staff present on-site 24x7x365.
    • Dual layered physical access control
    • Physical man-trap controls all entries and exits.
    • Card access system used with photo ID.
  • Fiber connectivity

    The datacenter has fiber-optic internet connections, delivered by Tier 1 providers. Our core network is fully redundant and monitored 24x7x365.

    • Dual fiber entrances with direct conduits to the Meet-Me-Room.
    • Abundant dark fiber available.
    • QIX and TORIX connectivity.
    • Connectivity to all major Canadian and leading international providers.