Our Network

Elastalink has implemented a unique network architecture and partnered with a number of leading national and international network providers to offer high quality, reliable connectivity for your locations and application needs. We will design the network solution based on your location and bandwidth requirements, optimized for both performance and cost. Our offering will give you fully managed, secure, private network. Dedicated, any-to-any connectivity will ensure quality for real time voice and multimedia applications and sufficient bandwidth for even the most sensitive data communications.

On-net and off-net, we have you covered through strategic partnerships
with leading service providers nationally and internationally.

We combine leading-edge technologies, optical fiber, DSL or wireless connectivity, to deliver reliable connectivity to the Internet, your data centre, main and remote offices. Furthermore, our unique edge routers converge these different network access types to achieve a high level of redundancy and seamless failover capabilities, ensuring that even in the case of an outage, public IP addresses are unchanged.


Elastalink’s customers benefit from truly diversified and redundant fiber-optic backbone leveraging our partnership with three major Canadian network providers. This ensures high speed quality connectivity between metropolitan centers across Canada and part of US.


To increase the network reach we leverage a high-speed copper wire connections using DSL, ADSL and FTTN technologies. They will enable a high-speed connectivity to all your locations, however, the available bandwidth will depend on your exact location.

Wireless LTE

We will use the latest in high-speed wireless technology to offer fully redundant backup connections or reach your most remote locations. Your traffic will use over-the-air transport, to the nearest tower and then a private fiber-optic backbone to reach our data centers.

Managed, secure, private connectivity for all your most complex application needs.

  • Highly available connectivity
  • Multiple levels of redundancy
  • Fully managed and monitored private connectivity
  • Seamless failover for all applications
  • Enterprise grade network edge devices
  • Integrated advanced firewall capabilities
  • Latest encryption techniques
  • Strategic partnerships for global connectivity