About us

ElastaLink is a different kind of telecom service provider. We believe that technology should be flexible, accessible, and intuitive to use. Communications, data centres and networking should work together to create a seamless, state-of-the-art environment to allow your business to grow. At ElastaLink, we work to understand your business and to create holistic solutions customized for you. Stable and secure network environments and, seamless business continuity for all your locations are built through personalized service with immediate, expert response to simplify your IT processes and minimize costs.

  • Personalized, stable and secure network solutions with superior performance and seamless business continuity.

    Holistic Technology Solutions

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Telecommunications service providers typically purchase technologies developed by network equipment vendors depending on them, to develop new capabilities and enable new service features. Unfortunately, this creates very little opportunity for service customization, as all service providers leverage the same equipment capabilities and use the same vendors for cookie-cutter service implementation models.

ElastaLink is different. Our roots and passion are in research and development which led us to in-house service delivery platforms and a vast array of customization options. Our team of telecom experts has worked with vendors and service providers in Canada and overseas. For over 20 years, we have been working with and implementing cutting edge technologies, including those that may not have been widely used in North America. This diversity has increased the security and flexibility of our services while maintaining competitive cost points.Our service platform and infrastructure located in our Ottawa and Montreal data centres has multiple points of presence (POPs) in major Canadian cities.

We are not a reseller – we are service provider! We partner closely with major national and international carriers to further extend our reach. To ensure high quality and security, we manage every connection delivered to the client’s site. Whether the connection to your office is delivered over a copper wire, optical fibre or through wireless technology we monitor it end-to-end, to prevent any network problems before they become an issue. We will work closely with you to understand your business needs and ensure our solutions work to optimize your processes. Our team will be there from the initial solution planning and design process, throughout the implementation process and will offer ongoing support after completion.

Personal attention has often made ElastaLink a number to call for all our clients’ IT needs, allowing their teams to focus on their business instead of managing multiple technology and service providers. We focus on delivering solutions and services that every successful organization will need, divided into these main categories:

It is our responsiveness and attention to your business needs that set us apart further. Contact us today to see how we can optimize and future-proof your IT infrastructure.