Retail Business

Whether you are an independent firm, a franchise owner or a nationwide retail chain we can help you increase customer satisfaction while meeting stringent compliance needs. Our redundant Internet connection will keep your business communications and payment transactions uninterrupted and if you have multiple locations, you will benefit from centralized corporate reporting and management. A majority of our clients report communications costs are cut by 50% with ElastaLink.

  • Increase your profits with readily available Point of Sale (PoS) systems, digital signage, in-store announcements, secure wireless hotspots and video surveillance.

  • We offer flexible backup and disaster recovery solutions which can provide business continuity for key applications like ERP or CRM.

End-to-end communications solutions that improve customer service and seamless business expansion. Secure and reliable connectivity for Point of Sale (PoS) systems. Traffic separation and encryption to simplify compliance. Digital signage to keep your customers informed. Modern e-commerce websites for 24/7 sales.

Always on Point of Sale (PoS)

Connectivity with diverse wireless or wired backup and seamless failover.

Simplified PCI DSS compliance

Consumer payment and corporate traffic are kept separate with advanced data encryption both in transit and at rest.

Increased customer engagement

Secure wireless hotspots with branded sign-up pages. Digital signage and store announcements to keep clients browsing longer.

Improved physical security

Indoor and outdoor IP security cameras with searchable footage stored for 30 days, viewed locally, on a mobile app or via a web portal.

Examples of service customization for the retail industry

Internet Access

Site Connectivity


Email Exchange

Backup and DR

Storage and Backup



Internet Access

Our Internet packages deliver some of the fastest speeds and most reliable service available today. Since Internet access is the backbone of almost all business transactions today, we make sure you have the Internet speed and support needed to take care of business and increase your profits.

Suitable primary or backup solutions ensure seamless operations. Leveraging diverse technologies and multiple carrier nationwide partners, we optimize both primary and back-up connections to provide you with always-on connectivity.

Site Connectivity

We can leverage Internet access or dedicated wired or wireless links to connect all your locations and employees and thereby increase collaboration and productivity.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) securely connects all your office locations. We offer a wide variety of VPN connectivity options to deliver a solution customized to your requirements.


Customize your business phones with advanced features and managed services to help your team stay connected anywhere, anytime on any device. ElastaLink offers a variety of business phone systems that will fit the requirements of any business based on the number of employees, locations, call volume, budget and future growth needs.

From on-site phone systems to fully cloud-based solutions, or a hybrid deployment, we are uniquely positioned to address the needs of your business. The majority of our clients report a 50 percent reduction in communication costs with ElastaLink.

Eail Exchange

Finally, a feature-rich email solution with an ease of use that makes you productive from any location on any device. Our distinctive business-class email service is tailored to your organization and available where you need it.

If you connect via a browser or a mobile device, your email, calendar, and contacts are always there and always synced up. Our powerful exchange server is backed with advanced email archiving and spam protection features to ease your compliance and security needs.

Backup and DR

Our backup and disaster recovery service protect all of your critical resources and keeps your Business Communications, Uninterrupted.
We will design a solution based on your regulatory and business requirements to minimize the impact of the unexpected.


In today’s digital world we generate unprecedented amounts of data with every business transaction. A reliable storage solution is a must to ensure that data is always available. In addition, he evidence is clear that proper analysis of data results in better business decisions.
Whether on your premises, collocated in a data centre on dedicated or virtual machines or in a private or shared Cloud environment, we ensure our storage solution fits your needs right now and grows with your organization. We utilize the latest technology to implement the most cost effective, scalable storage environment that provides easy access to critical data and simplifies regulatory requirements.


Over the last few years, server virtualization technologies have proven themselves as a way for business organizations to increase IT efficiency and significantly reduce hardware and operating costs. Today, 76% of businesses use virtualization and that number is expected to continue climbing.

Together with leading hardware vendors we designed a turnkey server solution for hardware virtualization that can accommodate budget and requirements for both small retail locations right up to large headquarters sites.


A Web site is your company’s business card to the world. We ensure your Web site is always available, responsive and secure by leveraging our redundant and scalable infrastructure to provide Web, domain and DNS hosting services. Web hosting services are often seen as a commodity, but a business needs to remember that if a Web site is not properly supported and unable to handle all traffic it results in many problems including lost business opportunities.