Health Care

We have worked with stand-alone clinics, care groups and community hospitals to implement solutions that leverage the latest technology,  keeping staff productive, patients satisfied and regulatory requirements fulfilled.

  • Keep your data safe but accessible. Streamline scheduling, EMR, billing and regulatory compliance.

Our integrated phone and email solutions will ensure your patients can reach you any time they need you. Advanced call answer solutions  with integrated scheduling and EMR will increase your front office productivity while minimizing wait times and errors. We can help simplify your billing and regulatory requirements with advanced faxing, secure connectivity, email, file sharing, storage and backup.

Increased staff productivity

Phones are integrated with scheduling system to automate reminders, route patients’ calls and provide after-hours support.

Streamlined paperwork

Secure faxing and connectivity for EMR and billing results in faster referrals and immediate payment processing.

Increased patient satisfaction

WiFi with fully separate clinic and patient traffic for EMR access on doctors’ tablets and patient entertainment in the waiting room.

Simplified regulatory compliance

Secure and encrypted email and file sharing for privacy. Off-site backup and archiving with fast searchability and accessibility.

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Managed routing



Customize your Business Phone with advanced features and managed services to help your team stay connected anywhere and anytime. Elastalink offers a variety of business phone systems that will fit requirements of any business depending on the number of employees, locations, call volume, budget and future growth needs.

From on-site phone system to full could based solution, or hybrid deployment, we are uniquely positioned to address the needs of your business today and keep you covered while you grow.


Sending and receiving faxes meets the ease of email with the Elastalink Fax solution. All received faxes are converted to PDF and sent to you as an email.

You can send faxes as an email with attachment, or by using a web portal We can offer a truly paperless fax solution or if your business needs traditional FAX machines we will deploy a hybrid solution.


Traveling to different locations for meetings, training sessions, and presentations is a waste of time an money. With the web having transformed the world as we know it, connecting to people across the globe is simple and it has become an option that mimics being there in person.

A survey conducted by Quocirca found that more than 90% of video conferencing users also point to better teamwork, greater user productivity, and faster decision-making as key benefits.


Elastalink provides nationwide internet access partnering with major national carriers and leveraging their physical network infrastructure.

These multiple partnerships give you added redundancy in that each client location is connected to our datacenters, and from there to multiple internet backbones. Furthermore, each connection is a dedicated private connection, fully managed and monitored by us.

Managed routing

ElastaLink delivers truly differentiated, fully managed connectivity services. Enterprise grade feature set is enabled by the unique network edge routers deployed with every internet access or VPN connection. 

Our network edge devices are fully managed and monitored 24x7x365. The device provides the latest in routing technology with enterprise grade elements not found in any other traditional solutions.


With so many applications running in your office locations, your local area network has to provide reliability and quality in every corner of the building.

We design, implement and manage switches and routers that are up to the task. Wheather it is for your employees looking for connectivity in conference rooms, or your clients looking for hotspot access while away from their office – We will design a WiFi solution that cost effectively serves all your needs.