From local producer to national factories, from traditional to advanced manufacturers, our communications and IT services can be customized to support your business objectives and ensure on going plant operation. We will securely connect your locations, backup your data for business continuity, connect your mobile workforce and devices and monitor your premises with unified, made to measure solutions. 

  • Highly reliable, holistic notwork and IT solutions that let your production become more efficient and staff more productive.

  • Non-intrusive IP Cameras  with locally or remotely monitoring option. 

Use our advanced VoIP solutions to ensure effective connectivity with all staff- in offices and on the shop floor. Our data services will reliably connect all your locations supporting traditional and real time application requirements. We will make sure your data storage and backup solutions provide business connectivity and cost effectively support seasonal demands you may experience.

Business continuity and compliance

Flexible backup and disaster recovery solutions can seamlessly grow with your business and provide business continuity for key applications like ERP or CRM.

Advanced voice communications

High quality paging and advanced find me follow me features let your staff communicate effectively, increasing productivity and employee satisfaction.

Wireless for all your devices

WiFi with enhanced signal strength and roaming between access points lets you connect all your devices, even scanners that work in every corner of the your plant.

Reliable connectivity for all locations

Your sites must be connected at all times. You want effective failover options, bandwidth for most intensive applications and equipment to stay on during a power outage.

Example of service customisation for Manufacturing industry




Internet Access

Managed routing


Customize your Business Phone with advanced features and managed services to help your team stay connected anywhere and anytime. Elastalink offers a variety of business phone systems that will fit requirements of any business depending on the number of employees, locations, call volume, budget and future growth needs.

From on-site phone system to full could based solution, or hybrid deployment, we are uniquely positioned to address the needs of your business today and keep you covered while you grow.

Elastalinks’s files sharing solutions provides cloud storage, allowing you to browse, access, back-up and sync files online. You can now easily share large files and folders or public links to your files, collaborate on shared folders, sync folders of information across teams and apply folder permissions.

ElastaLink delivers truly differentiated, fully managed connectivity services. Enterprise grade feature set is enabled by the unique network edge routers deployed with every internet access or VPN connection. 

Our network edge devices are fully managed and monitored 24x7x365. The device provides the latest in routing technology with enterprise grade elements not found in any other traditional solutions.