• Communication

    Premise based to hosted phone solutions or soft-phones, voice and video conferencing, advanced email exchange solutions – all to enhance your business collaboration.


Phone services have always been the life line of any business. ElastaLink’s voice service goes far beyond providing you the basic phone services with a set of traditional features. Our solution is feature-rich and customizable to meet all your current and future needs.


Customize your business phone with advanced features and managed services to help your team stay connected anywhere and anytime. ElastaLink offers variety of business phone systems which can fit business requirements with different number of employees, locations, call volume, budget and different growth projections.


Sending and receiving faxes meets the ease of email with the ElastaLink Fax solution. All received faxes are converted to PDF and sent to you through email. You can send faxes as emails with attachments, or by using a web portal.  We offer a truly paperless fax solution or if needed  traditional FAX machines with deployed  hybrid.


Your calendar and contacts are always there and always synced up with our email solution. Our powerful exchange server is backed with advanced email archiving and spam protection features to ease your compliance and security needs.


Your personal cloud drive is more than just an alternative to your current file storage solution. Whether you have used Dropbox ™ or a network drive – our solution powered by Nextcloud will inspire you.


Control and manage your calls. Our intuitive and clean interface makes it easy to do things like mute a noisy caller, dial-in another person mid-call and more.

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