Traveling to different locations for meetings, training sessions, and presentations is a costly use of time and money. With the Web having transformed the business world connecting to people across the globe is simple and mimics being there in person. A survey conducted by Quocirca found that more than 90% of video conferencing users point to better teamwork, greater user productivity, and faster decision-making as key benefits.

  • Choose one of our solutions, from a simple audio bridge to a full featured HD video collaboration.

  • Don’t limit yourself to cryptic codes to control and manage your call.

Audio Bridge

Participants can connect to an audio bridge either by dialing a private conference room number, main corporate number and extension or by dialing a toll free number, then using a conference code and PIN.

Video Bridge

Our video calling service supports all features available with audio conference calling with the addition of HD video. With multiple video calling devices and a mobile app, there is no need for expensive conference room setups. You can enjoy video calling with employees at remote locations, sales force on the go as well as your external partners or clients.

Conferencing Endpoint

We offer affordable video and audio conferencing endpoints for medium-sized meeting rooms. This system uses a dual-screen display allowing you to display a presentation or other material during a video call. Video and screenshot recording is supported, so you can record meetings or training sessions and offer them to staff for future reference.

All our conferencing solutions offer a rich set of features to enable pre-scheduled and impromptu meetings, one-on-one conversations and large team gatherings:

From recurring meetings to impromptu calls, all you need to initiate a call is your permanent dial-in number, conference code and PIN.

Easily schedule an audio conference and the system will automatically send a meeting invite to participants with a personal PIN number. You will know who is connected and who has left the call.

Mute a noisy caller, dial-in another person mid-call and more with the intuitive and clean interface.

See who has joined the call, monitor participants’ status or disconnect participants. Call recording is available to capture private or shared meeting notes.

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