ElastaLink is the go-to source for your telephony needs. We offer solutions that allow you to save on capital expenditures and keep the cash for other business projects.  Customize your business phones with advanced features to keep your team connected anywhere and anytime and cut your total phone bill. ElastaLink offers phone services that can be connected to equipment you already have in-house. From an on-site phone system to a fully cloud-based, hosted system, or a hybrid deployment, all of them can handle wireless and smartphones, video phones, paging and intercom systems. To further maximize your investment and savings, we provide SIP Trunking. 

  • Full suite of feature-rich voice solutions to modernize your phones and increase productivity and profits. 

  • Advanced wireless, traditional landline or VOIP phones to connect all your staff no matter where they’re located.

SIP Trunking: The next generation business phone lines

SIP Trunking is a new kind of business phone line that will reduce your current phone costs. Some of ElastaLink’s customers report a cost saving of up to 60%. ElastaLink can integrate SIP Trunking with your current phone system whether it is on-site, cloud or a hybrid PBX. It is built upon the Internet and unlike the traditional phone lines that only allow one phone number per line, SIP Trunks allow for virtually unlimited phone numbers linked to any city in North America, immediately cutting long-distance costs. Incoming calls arrive through one or multiple channels (lines), allowing for better utilization. When you do need additional capacity, increasing the number of channels on a SIP Trunk is fast and inexpensive. And if your business has multiple locations, we can pool all your lines together for additional savings – even if the sites are in different cities. Calls between locations are not only free, but they do not take up line capacity.

  • You can keep your existing phone numbers
  • Our solution is compatible with IP and traditional PBX’s
  • Business continuity is ensured with failover to voicemail, alternative number or our hosted PBX
  • There is no need to change your phone system
  • All call features such as call waiting, call forwarding, or caller display are included at no additional cost
  • Packages that eliminate a long-distance per-minute charges are available

Phone Systems: Modern IP based

We understand that the phone line is often the lifeline of your business. Our voice service goes far beyond providing you with basic phone service with a set of traditional features. We tap into the Internet and software driven phone systems. There are basically two major options

On-Site Systems

For businesses that want to retain an on-site phone system, but still take advantage of SIP trunks a cloud-based system to securely connect remote workers and locations.

Hosted PBX

For businesses looking to scale on-demand without a large capital investment. Free up from the cost of on-site phone system maintenance and benefit from a full collaboration suite of features.

Both solutions are customizable to meet all your current and future needs and share many rich features such as:

Voicemail to Email:
Sends your voicemail messages as WAV audio file to your email inbox to reach you wherever you are
Call Coverage:
Specify if unanswered calls should be forwarded to auto-attendant, voice mail or another phone number

Call History:
Scroll through a list of the most recently answered or missed calls

Call display:
See who is calling with name, number or group extension displayed


Call Forward:
Immediately forward all calls to the auto-attendant, voice mail or another phone number
Call Hold:
Suspend a call with ability to resume it even from another phone

Call Pickup:
Answer a call ringing at any office extension with a feature code and extension number

Call Waiting:
Receive a tone notification for an incoming call while you are on an active call; toggle between the two as needed

Callers List:
Scroll through a list of recently received calls and return a call with the single touch of a button
Anonymous call block
Stop all private or unidentified calls before they disturb you

Major phone system benefits

50% cost savings – Over half of our customers are cutting their communication costs in half.
Quality – Voice quality is proven to be better than traditional systems, especially for internal communication that can benefit from High Quality voice (HQ G722 codec).
Phone and network application integration – Enables click-to-dial capabilities for CRM, Outlook and similar applications
24/7 expert support – No long queues for support. Talk to our local team members directly over the phone, email or chat. We also use remote desktop access for real-time service
Mobility – We offer several different options for your mobile workforce including simple call forwarding, advanced find-me-follow-me, softphone mobile apps and more
Feature-rich devices – We offer a spectrum of IP phones to serve all your needs in various work environments
Redundancy – Our switching equipment is fully redundant in multiple, geographically-diverse data centres
Failover – in case of power outage or any other kind of failure, incoming calls can failover to an alternative number, voicemail or replicated phone system

Your ElastaLink phone service includes an Auto-Attendant and Voicemail Greeting / Messaging feature. ElastaLink can provide a professional voice recording done by Paul Brent who was a broadcast journalist for 40 years, or your staff can record company or personal messages from their office phones.

Transferring to an ElastaLink solution is simple and fast and you can keep your existing phone numbers. Give us a call even if you have an existing phone service contract with possible termination charges. Your potential savings with ElastaLink may well outweigh those fees. It takes 7-10 business days and the phone number transition is seamless. We will need a copy of your bill from your current service provider as proof that you own the numbers. Under rules from the CRTC and the FCC the bill and a signed Local Number Portability (LNP) document will authorize us to move your numbers to ElastaLink.

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