• Networking

    Fully managed and monitored enterprise-grade connectivity services and network devices. The latest in routing technology, that is superior and lower cost than traditional solutions.


From end user device to hosted application somewhere in the Cloud, data travels through many networking components. ElastaLink can provide a complete solution from wireless access point, to switches /firewall/router and over Internet connection to remote destinations. All local devices can be managed remotely, insuring the highest level of security and site protection. For nationwide Internet access, ElastaLink partners with major carriers and leverages their physical network infrastructure. This provides our clients with added redundancy. Each client location is connected to one of our Canadians data centres, and from there to multiple Internet backbones. Furthermore, each connection is dedicated and private, fully managed and monitored by ElastaLink. In case of lost connectivity, one phone call puts our service team into action


Dedicated Internet access with premium SLAs. Great variety of access types and speeds to optimize the solution for a customers’ requirements and locations. Wired connections are available from DSL/FTTN with up to 50Mb download for small sites, with fibre up to 10Mb and up to 1000Mb for larger sites.

Managed Routing

Our Edge Router is truly the latest in business networking. It also comes with a price that is more than 50 percent less than other routers. Every company needs to provide employees with secure access from any location and a multitude of devices in order to increase productivity. At the same time the router is powerful enough to defend the system from any kind of Internet threats, ensuring seamless business operations.

Site connectivity

Virtual Private Network (VPN) services are used to securely connect all your office locations from local to remote.  We offer a wide variety of VPN connectivity options to deliver a solution customized to your requirements.  We support point-to-point and point-to-multipoint deployment scenarios, many connection speeds and different redundancy options to ensure the utmost reliability.


Whether your employees are looking for connectivity in conference rooms, or your clients are looking for hotspot access while away from the office – We design a WiFi solution that effectively serves any client’s needs. In some cases, high bandwidth wireless links can be used to connect different offices or multiple networks.

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