Managed Routing

ElastaLink delivers truly differentiated, fully managed connectivity services. Enterprise-grade feature sets are enabled by unique network edge routers deployed with every Internet access or VPN connection. Our network edge devices are fully managed and monitored 24/7. Our device provides the latest in routing technology coupled with a cost that is 50 percent less than other routers and enterprise-grade features not found in any other traditional solutions.

Reliability, security and flexibility start at the network edge and meet even the most stringent requirements.

  • ElastaLink Network Edge: The Next Chapter in Business Networking

  • Routing your data, efficiently and securely

If you prefer to retain or purchase your own routers and implement your own security policies, our Network Edge router can be deployed and deliver failover to a secondary WAN connection as well as link monitoring and management.

However, after seeing the impressive capabilities of our router and our systematic approach to your needs and, many of our customers choose our full package. Beyond the features, our router offers unmatched affordability when coupled with PC as a Service (PaaS) pricing model. This approach eliminates the large up-front capital costs and additional maintenance fees. ElastaLink delivers a full system at just 40 percent of the average industry cost. We also include automated backup, management, monitoring and latest updates to ensure the utmost stability and security. Integrated battery and power management extends the life of our equipment when compared to industry standards but in case of hardware failure we guarantee next day delivery of a replacement router.

Functionalities that set us apart from traditional business routers:


ElastaLink network edge incorporates an integrated power supply and UPS, with optional backup power supply. The router prevents restarts due to power surges and in case of an outage can failover to UPS or backup power supply in less than 30ms. Device performs a backup and graceful shutdown to minimize damaging effects of power loss.

802.11 b/g/n Connectivity

Our Network Edge Router offers advanced wireless capabilities with an 802.11 b/g/n connectivity and a selection of extendable antennas to ensure sufficient signal strength in even the most demanding spaces.

Added Security

The solution we offer supports multiple SSIDs and uses multiple wireless authentication protocols for added security, ensuring that corporate traffic is not visible to unauthorized clients who may be using the wireless network.

Available statistics

Detailed statistics of connected clients, as well as a wireless scanner, packet sniffer and frequency usage can be provided to management for auditing purposes, simplifying any regulatory requirements.

Access Point

The wireless router can act as an access point, hotspot or as a WiFi client to support all your business needs.

Together with certified trainers in both Canada and US, ElastaLink provides several courses, followed with 4 levels of certification to any of your internal IT staff. Your staff can continue to manage your network locally, and leverage ElastaLink’s skills for more advanced projects.

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