Site connectivity

We can leverage internet access or dedicated wired or wireless links to connecting all your locations and employees increasing collaboration and productivity.

  • Connect your locations, employees and make collaboration easy.

  • Connect all your office locations.

Site-to-Site VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) services is used to securely connect all your office locations. We offer a wide variety of VPN connectivity options to deliver a solution customized to your requirements.  We support for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint deployment scenarios, many connection speeds and different redundancy options to ensure the utmost reliability. All our site connectivity offers are feature rich, fully managed and monitored.  Point-to-point deployment are suitable for main office to branch or data centre locations where there is no little traffic between branches. Point-to-multi-point solution leverages ElastaLink datacenters as a hub to increase speed of communications between branches.  ElastaLink uses many different access types to deliver site connectivity services. Independent if we are connecting a very small remote site over a DSL internet connection, or using high speed fibre connections for your larger sites, all your traffic is secure using encrypted tunnels, private tunnels or completely private subnets. All connections offer multiple VLANs for traffic separation, QoS and bandwidth prioritization to support even your most sensitive applications like voice or multimedia.

LAN Extension

A VPN is typically deployed with each site having a unique IP address. This simplifies traffic management and provides additional security in managing access on a site-by-site basis. However, sometimes it is necessary for a local LAN with its IP address to be extended to another, remote location. For example, we would deploy a LAN extension for disaster recovery. In this scenario, when a local server is not accessible, a replicated copy at a different location can become available without any additional changes.

Teleworkers VPN

We offer secure connectivity options for your field based employees or teleworkers. Leveraging internet access connections, we will establish secure access to your corporate network using encrypted tunnels. This type of connectivity is suitable for access from laptop, tablet or a phone. Users can connect from anywhere: while traveling, visiting a client or simply working from a home office. For increased security, a local active directory is used for user authentication.

Close Proximity Sites

Many businesses will use two or more buildings near one another. We can establish cost effective, high speed connectivity between these buildings using fibre connections or point-to-point fixed wireless connectivity if the fibre does not exist. For such deployments, internet access can be centralized to one location and shared between the buildings for a cost optimized solution.

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