(WiFi, hotspot, LTE and fixed wireless)

With so many applications running in your office, your local area network must provide reliability and quality in every corner of the building. We design, implement and manage switches and routers that are up to the task. Whether your employees are looking for connectivity in conference rooms, or your clients are looking for hotspot access while away from their office – we will design a WiFi solution that cost effectively serves all your needs.

  • Wireless connectivity for all your needs, at any of your locations.

  • Separation of wireless traffic based on type of devices or users connected.

WiFi and Wireless LAN

Connecting laptops, mobile phones, or tablets, to a local corporate network is a must for any business. However, connections must be secure, fast and reliable from any corner of your office space.

Our solutions are customized to your needs. We will deploy and manage access points optimized for the layout of your site. They can provide multiple wireless networks (SSID) to completely isolate guest wireless access or local hotspots, from your corporate network.


We understand that the security of your corporate wireless network is of paramount importance. All our access points support multiple wireless networks with unique SSIDs. Each of those wireless networks can have different network subnets, VLAN, MAC filtering or another security policy. Multiple networks allow for the separation of wireless traffic based on the type of devices or users connected. For example, there is no need for wireless cameras to be on the same network as wireless workstations. Similarly, your guest access should be separate from your corporate users’ access. In addition, all our WiFi access points support multiple WEP authentication methods, from password-based to advanced Enterprise WPA authentication based on active directory, including corporate certificates.

Roaming and Centralized Management

For larger sites that require multiple access points, wireless networks must behave as one network and offer seamless roaming from one access point to the next. This starts with choosing the right access point with the right antenna and signal power. Next, the location of the access point is optimized to achieve best coverage, while avoiding interference. We offer many wireless surveys to ensure we design a wireless solution with the best performance. Once deployed, all access points are centrally managed and connected devices can be monitored to ensure ideal ongoing operation.

Guest WiFi and Hotspot

For many business, providing easy internet access to visitors that without compromising your corporate network is essential. This can often be as simple as ensuring guest access is provided on a wireless network with a dedicated SSID and a guest password. For locations like restaurants, hotels or clinics, a hotspot solution is implemented. It offers a login page, with your business brand, specific terms and conditions and additional space to promote your current offers.

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